Revolutionize Your Outages with OUTAGE IN A BOX®

Say goodbye to inventory hassles, supply chain delays, and costly downtime. Experience the efficiency, simplicity, and reliability of OUTAGE IN A BOX!

OUTAGE IN A BOX Advantage:

  • Sidestep lengthy prep, managing multiple vendors, and the risk of missing key components.
  • Have all necessary consumables - nuts, bolts, seals, thermocouples and more - delivered at your doorstep well before your scheduled outage.
  • Choose parts as required during downtime, and once complete, we manage the box pickup.

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What makes it even better? You are only invoiced for the parts you used.

Want to see a real world example? Download our case study and learn how we helped another power plant streamline their operations, save time, and reduce costs.


Minimize Outage Disruptions

OUTAGE IN A BOX offers efficient and immediate solutions to meet all your outage requirements.

  • Customized to Your Needs: Fully adaptable to cater to the specific requirements of your site.
  • Stay One Step Ahead: Delivered prior to the outage, allowing plenty of time for inventory checks.
  • Diverse Kit Selection: Choose from Combustion Inspection, Hot Gas Path, and Major Inspection Kits.
  • Comprehensive Inventory: A well-stocked, secure container offering all of your necessary components.

Don't let your planned and unplanned outages lead to costly downtime. Learn how a customized OUTAGE IN A BOX solution reduces outage downtime and costly sourcing delays.

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